Partnerability is the New Capability

One of the most important imperatives of connected health is the mutual exchange of value, and nowhere was this more evident than at m.15, the day-long summit that recently brought together healthcare marketers with influential speakers and panels.

Alexandra von Plato, Group President, North America, for Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, summed up what everyone was feeling when she inspired the participants, saying, “Partnerability is the new ‘capability.’ Developing new services and platforms requires partnerships, shared ideas and value.”

Partnerabiliity begins by understanding what success looks like in consumer terms.

  • Ask Better Questions: The mathematicians have one path to the digital solution, but success requires several points of view. With clinical science, research, sales and marketing and healthcare professionals working together, the industry has been moving forward to connect the dots faster and more effectively. By involving groundbreaking leaders like Google, NetFlix and Amazon we will be able to better understand the patient as a consumer first.
  • Solve the Harder Problems: In 2014, more than $4.1 billion in venture capital was invested in digital and mobile in healthcare – more than 2012 and 2013 combined — yet we must face the fact that traditional healthcare remains a top-down communications system. One of the continuing challenges is breaking down the barriers between the doctor and patient to create helpful solutions. By proving traditional outcomes while adding consumer value, we will be able to drive engagement.
  • Be Dedicated to Change: Money is not the problem and software is not the solution to everything. There is a sea change in the healthcare industry, and it takes stamina and bravery to execute in that environment. “Pilot things to life (not to death) should be our goal.”

Brands that know when to reach out and explain and when to listen and respond hold the keys to the future of mHealth. Those things aren’t in the marketing textbooks, but by strategically building “partnerability” into your playbook, you’ll be vastly ahead of the game.