Greg Lewis

EVP, Customer Engagement

Greg joined Digitas Health LifeBrands in October 2009 as Executive New Business Director. Since 2009, Greg has delivered 8 figure revenue growth every year by understanding the evolving needs of healthcare brands. He has worked for agencies serving the healthcare industry since 1998.

Greg has 12 years of pharmaceutical sales and marketing experience working in both consumer and professional advertising. Greg has lead a number of healthcare agencies with a focus on driving innovation and understanding how healthcare consumers make confident and informed decisions in this ever changing media environment. In 2002, Greg was employee #8 at a startup digital marketing company called Cadient Group, a digital marketing agency focused solely on healthcare. Greg delivered over 30% growth year over year in his leadership of the new business and account services teams. In 2008, Greg left Cadient to join the executive team at Quantum Learning, a pharmaceutical consultancy. Greg was able to participate in countless field rides to understand the HCP and sales rep interaction and identify the behaviors between average and best-in-class pharmaceutical sales reps. The behavioral research was used gain an understanding of what was relevant to HCPs at the point of care and to train pharmaceutical reps on advanced communication and selling skills.

Greg received his B.S. in economics from Bloomsburg University and his MBA from Temple University in Philadelphia.