5 Things that Happened at TEDMED

1. Where is my mindfulness?

A theme that continued to emerge was mindfulness. Spend time daily thinking about what your intention is for that day, then how will you do it? Listen to people actively and listen to yourself: notice your breath, body, thoughts, and emotions.

2. The last day of summer camp

Delegates, Innovators, and Partners are heading back home, but they are taking the connections they’ve made with them. People who met Palm Springs but come from similar areas or work in similar fields are figuring how to collaborate back home.

3. Second that Emotion

The divide between science/math/engineering and the humanities isn’t real; you need emotion to do good medicine. This was demonstrated by Speakers Sarah Gray, Thomas Lee, and Todd Coleman who shared stories of the impact of empathy on medicine.

4. “Life is an arena…we are gladiators.”

Seun Adebiyi, the last Speaker of the conference reminded us of the power we all possess. The importance of living breath to breath, because we can do anything for a moment. And to never doubt that your actions can change the world.

5. Make the Network Wider

TEDMED Curator and Chairman Jay Walker addressed the audience about the key to solving the challenges of health, wellness, and medicine in the modern world: make the network wider. We have to connect with people who have different perspectives and different experience—connecting out, not down.