We believe that healthcare marketing is in the midst of an exciting and powerful transformation. As people continue to exert greater and greater control over their own treatment decisions, they are changing the landscape of healthcare marketing.

We are a creative brand agency dedicated to helping our clients build brands for this new marketing landscape.

At the heart of our approach is the belief that confident, empowered patients are the key to driving brand success. This shift from product-focused brand building to people-focused brand building requires a unique mix of skills, experience, and partnerships currently unmatched in our industry.



Digitas Health is a creative agency purpose-built to connect health and wellness brands with peoples’ deep desire to make healthy, confident choices for themselves and for their loved ones. We call this “Helping not Selling.”

Who we are

Our global reach goes deeper and further because we are part of the largest healthcare communications network in the world—Publicis Health (PH). With 12 agency brands in more than 60 offices located in 10 countries, we’re working to build brands that truly improve human health and well-being.



  • People who think differently
  • The power of relationships, with each other, with our clients, and with our partners
  • Trust as currency that we are each accountable for earning
  • Those who see change as opportunity
  • The power of creativity and its ability to improve human health and well-being



Helping people make more confident healthcare decisions requires a passionate and tenacious desire to understand real and lived experiences of the people we are trying to help on a deeper level.

Here are some of the tools we use to drive creativity and innovation.


In a fragmented, customer-driven world, brands must be relevant to people’s needs, desires, and media diets. We build brands that fit into people’s lives now. By aligning value to the customer with value to the business, BrandFit lays a foundation for people, brands, and businesses to thrive.


It starts from the fundamental premise that the most powerful communication ideas are born with a central human reality. Informed and shaped by the cultural, media, brand, and category realities, this framework embodies our strongly held belief in “Helping, Not Selling,” which transforms our clients’ marketing philosophy from one of selling features and benefits to one of truly empowering consumers and patients.


Our blend of “CREative And Media” generates ideas and strategies that mix content and media partnerships to deliver efficiencies for clients and real value for their customers. The result rarely molds to the traditional definition of “healthcare advertising,” and, in fact, is much more closely tied to the content that people truly want and need to make better decisions and live healthier lives.


This approach uses multichannel, multi-audience brand performance management and continuous optimization to leverage the power of big data. By aligning brand value with customer value, we create synergy across touch points to drive customer and brand outcomes.


We use the latest in today’s video chat technology to provide lightning-fast insight mining on a global scale. This means real-time social conversations on new therapeutic areas, products, and brand ideas. In the end, you have powerful customer portraits and real-time insights to drive strategic and creative development.


Technology, platforms, media, regulation, behavior, habits. No one knows better than us how quickly things can change. And no one is more passionate about staying ahead of those curves, or better yet, creating the curve.