Apple Watch App Store Opens

If you are one of the early ones who got your pre-order in during the wee hours of the morning on launch day, you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your new Apple Watch via UPS or FedEx tomorrow. If you did not get in early or chose to wait, there are still several ways for you to check out what the watch experience will look like, starting today.

The first option is in the official Apple Watch App Store App. Downloadable from iTunes on your iOS devices, this app has a tab with the initial launch-day approved apps for you to download. If you are looking for a little more, you can go here and check out the walk-throughs of over 2400 approved Apple Watch apps, including all those in the health and fitness categories.

To say the Apple Watch has been hotly anticipated is somewhat of an understatement. Open to the public at 3 a.m. EST on April 10, Apple Watch pre-orders were taken online exclusively on Apple’s website. While Apple won’t release sales numbers until its quarterly earnings report, it has been estimated that they sold in excess of 2 million initial pre-orders. Reports say the average order was around $549 (buoyed by the $10,000+ Apple Watch Edition price tag), but regardless, that means Apple raked in well over $1 billion in Apple Watch sales in just 10 minutes on launch day.

Apple quickly sold out of both their high-end edition and low-end sport models within the first 10 minutes, as indicated by slipping ship dates. I ordered two watches 4 minutes apart, and the shipping date slipped 4 weeks in that short amount of time. Some mid-level watches were still available to ship within 4-6 weeks by morning on the East Coast, but ship dates on everything else had pushed until June or July. Apple has since stated that those orders may likely ship early, but has announced no dates yet.

Keep tuned to Digitas Health LifeBrands on social media for continued news and information throughout the summer. Representatives from Digitas Health LifeBrands were selected by Apple to attend WWDC this year in San Francisco, so look for our live coverage for the latest on the Apple Watch, iOS9, and more in June.

– Geoff McCleary, VP of Mobile Strategy & Innovation