Brands Can Act Like ‘Dad Saving The Day’

There’s a lovely YouTube video compilation that trended over the holidays, showing dads saving the day. Just as a baby is about to tumble from a sofa, dad prevents the fall. In another segment, a child flies off a wild swing and lands in dad’s arms. In both instances, dads are positioned for preemptive action. Instead of giving instructions to their children, dads simply showed up at the right moment with the appropriate intervention and helped avert disaster.

Most brands today claim to be, or want to be, patient-centric. And yet, time and again, content offered as a proof point of that patient centricity ends up looking like a standard-issue toolkit. Similar content produced many times over by competing brands demonstrates little in the way of patient empathy, support, or centricity.

So can brands learn to emulate dad for better patient engagement?

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