Focus and Execution for the Win: Why Pairing Flawless Execution and Eye-Popping Creative in e-Details Matters

An effective digital visual aid (a.k.a. e-detail) requires fantastic creative and inspired messaging. We all know this — examples can be found underneath every rock. But to truly elevate your digital visual aid to the highest levels, we need to execute flawlessly throughout the entire life of the piece, enabling the creatives to focus on the story without constraint or burden. Easy to say but much harder to do.

However, there’s good news. As one of only 11 Level-4 certified Veeva Content Partners in the United States, Digitas Health has developed a set of tools and workflow management components that do exactly that. Enter ALACRITY™, Digitas Health’s proprietary development engine environment for digital visual aids, like a CLM presentation in Veeva CRM.

ALACRITY removes chance for flaws

What happens when you hit a label update and must revise that web of presentations quickly? Or when a new indication or claim is approved? Or even just a refresh of a new campaign or the addition of new data? All of these challenges inspire the need for flawless execution and open a door that requires — nay, demands — a creative solution.

With ALACRITY, our team can update a single common code or content object, then hit a button to push it through the tool. This automatically updates presentations, carefully preserves the intricate interconnectivity between them, packages up all of the slides for upload, and automatically spits out the properly formatted documentation to make use of Veeva Vault’s Multichannel Loader (bulk upload) tool. ALACRITY increases the speed of updates and deployments while simultaneously decreasing the chances of an error – a win for us and for our clients.

ALACRITY helps you focus the story

Remember the Rule of Threes – a “30-second pitch,” a “3-minute walkthrough” or a “30-minute presentation” — HCP-Rep interactions follow. After conducting user research with doctors, focus groups with dozens of sales reps, and creating enough e-details to fill an iPad Pro twice over, we’ve established that short, focused, “story-based” e-detail works best. By rejecting the traditional, hundred-slide, complicated e-detail, a Sales Rep is able to efficiently deliver focused information that’s best for that interaction in real-time instead of getting mired down navigating through a morass of screens and information.

And ALACRITY helps cut through that web of presentations in a story-based approach, allowing you to easily and efficiently keep track of them, keep them updated, and keep them in compliance. Without ALACRITY, this could turn into a disaster for both the Marketer and the Rep.

With the ever-increasing prevalence of the e-detail as the primary tool in a Sales Rep’s toolbox, it is incumbent upon us pharmaceutical marketers to recognize and provide what is truly needed to make a digital visual aid as valuable as possible for a Rep. Riveting, engaging design is a major part, but that content must be paired with focused, deliverable content and flawless execution to score the biggest wins.