Four Key Questions About Social Media

PM360 asked experts in social media to address key issues marketers should know about in 2018:

  • How will social media marketing be different in 2018 compared to what marketers have been doing?
  • What new social media platforms do marketers now need to be aware of? How are they different from platforms marketers are already familiar with and how should marketers be using them?
  • How do marketers choose which platforms are best for their brand?
  • How should marketers be measuring success in social media in 2018?


In 2018, now more than ever, marketers need clarity of consumer and professional behaviors first, and what platforms support that behavior second, instead of thinking that the latest platform or function offers a singular solution to this increasingly fractured world. People are quickly adapting to any method, including paying platforms to block, skip, and avoid ads. This year, brands need to adapt both in the content they create and how they staff the right skillsets to make the transition from advertising to content marketing that creates online conversation.

More than merely targeting and messaging, marketers are also seeing an increasingly important landscape among workflow and intelligence tools—and how to build a suite that helps them get a better perspective.

An insight-driven backbone needs to be in place that gives marketers clearer paths to select investments based on which platforms and functions deliver best on their purpose, the people who are making decisions that matter, and the behaviors that can be performed in the moments they are making that choice.

This article originally appeared on PM360