Many views in a NY minute

I live in Staten Island, so my commute is somewhat hectic, depending on the day and time. On the other hand, when you get a beautiful view of the lower east side, the commute doesn’t seem bad at all.


Generally, it takes me about an hour to get to work via the express bus and train. I do have the option of taking the ferry (one of the few free things in NYC) instead of the bus, and while it takes slightly longer, the views more than make up for the extra travel time.

Once I arrive at Penn Station, I get a refreshing smoothie to get me energized for the day. For lunch, I like to head to my favorite Italian Deli on 29th and 8th to get the best meatball sub in the city! On a nice day, I eat with my co-workers in the plaza next to the building, where there is often some kind of entertainment—only in NYC is it always showtime, even in the middle of the day.


– Devika Vittal, Senior Medical Editor, NY