FTC Takes Aim at Unscrupulous Mobile App Marketers

As the political wrangling between the FDA and the FTC over who should oversee mobile health continues, I ran across this article today that highlights what we believe to be the first attempt by the FTC to establish a regulatory foothold in the space. Their assertion is that these app makers claims are false advertising and that these apps could not possibly detect symptoms of melanoma.

While this complaint seems totally justified, it will be interesting to watch how this type of complaint is handled in conjunction with FDA regulatory oversight of apps. Does this signify some future encroachment? Does it signify a collaboration between the two agencies on some level? What proof will the FTC require from these app makers that is different from what the FDA would require?

Check out the article here.

No real impact for the industry at this point, but time will tell.

– Geoff McCleary, VP of Mobile Innovation