Get to know: Alejo Sassano

Alejo Sassano is a Creative Copywriter at Digitas Health LifeBrands, London.

What’s your story, in a tweet?

Obsessive Argentine ex-pat. #Music #Football #Travel #Not #A #Big #Fan #Of #Hashtags Talk a lot. I’m afraid I will run out of available cha

You’re unfortunately going to be stranded on a desert island. Sorry. What three things do you take?

First of all, how did you sink my luxury yacht?

I would take:

– My 128 GB iPod Classic (yeah, I own a relic)

– My phone and Internet access (is that considered cheating?)

– A Lonely Planet ‘desert island’ guide to know what the cool things are to do there

The chicken or the egg?

Nobody calls me chicken.

You can spend a day with one person, who is it and what do you do?

Definitely Brian May. I would jam with him. And then play some FIFA. I would ask him all about Queen (bet he hasn’t been asked enough about that).

What’s your manthem, the song you can’t live without?

This is a hard one, as my taste in music changes every day. I can’t live without Queen’s entire discography though.

 What piece of tech do you want the most?

A brain implant that teaches you all the languages in the world. Or a teleportation device. Or an iPhone that is not affected by planned obsolescence (yeah, right).

Any advice you have to share?

What would be the name of your first album?

Well… I actually recorded one. I played the drums in a band. The album is called ‘Gran angular’ (wide angle lens) and you can listen to it here:

What superpower would you like to have?

I’d love to fly or teleport. Maybe because I’m deeply scared of planes?

Favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

Donatello, DUH.

Weirdest dream?

I once had a nightmare where Freddy Krueger chased me inside a pinball machine. I wonder what that means.

What would you cook for us?

It depends. If I’m feeling fancy I could prepare some sushi. If not, quinoa with chicken. I would probably order some take out and lie that I made it.

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