Get to know: Tom King

Mancunian-by-birth but Southerner-by-location, Tom King is a Copy Supervisor at Digitas Health in London.  We sat down to ask a few questions about what makes him tick.

You’re a writer, favourite word? Petrichor – it’s that really ‘green’ smell you get when it rains on a really hot day. Least favourite word – macerate, when something solid gets so damp it just falls apart.

Define yourself in 5 hashtags.  #funfact; #foodporn; #nofilter; #retrogeek; #needlesslywordyandverbose

Favourite emoji? What do you ♥ ?  😉 ‘Cos you can’t really wink and smile at people in real-life anymore – it’s creepy.

What’s next in health tech? CRISPR. That thing is bananas. TL;DR, it’s the most powerful, simplest and cheapest method of gene editing ever discovered. Google it.

What do you like the most about the agency? That everyone here gets as excited as I do about weird web animations. Also Pizza Thursdays.

Last place you’ve traveled to? Toulouse. I like to revisit France every so often so they can remind me that I will never adequately speak French.

Name a pet peeve. When people gleefully mispronounce words. If you were to axe me for pacific examples I’m sure I could (after an espresso or two).

Do you have a secret skill? My ‘toothy face’ is genuinely haunting.

What’s the last good thing you did? Bought a cup of tea for a homeless guy (then got shouted at by a woman walking past because Leon tea is apparently ‘too trendy’).

Do you have a deep secret? Every time I approach an automatic door, I gesture with my hand ‘cos it makes me feel like a Jedi.

Show us your desktop. No cheating.

Deeply unexciting, I know. All the pictures of cats dressed as 80s TV characters are in ‘Timeplans’.