Get To Know: Gianpaolo Palombella

A revealing interview with Gianpaolo Palombella, Senior Art Director in our London office.

Share your music playlist. 

I’m one of those that listen to the same music for months before getting bored. Right now I’m listening to Madeon, a young French producer that just released his first album. Great ideas, very interesting.

How do you critique your own work?

I’m very critical with myself and my work. I don’t leave my seat if I’m not 100% satisfied with what I’m doing. I always think that everything I do is for myself first so I won’t be selling something that I’m not happy with.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

“Always do the best you can. Doesn’t matter if it’s the design for the butcher’s business card or a consumer integrated campaign for a great brand.”

Biggest influence in your life? 

Almost 15 years ago, I was at home watching the TV and there was this ad for an Italian phone brand “featuring” Gandhi giving a speech and it was being streamed in different ways around the world. The line at the end was “What world would we be living in if he could have communicated in this way?” That was the moment I realized I wanted to use my life to make people dream.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a creative? 

I think I would have been a creative either way. Maybe I would have just chosen something different than advertising. I love lights. Every time I move to a new house the first thing I consider is the type of lighting that is there, and what I can do with the lighting. So if I could choose something else I would have been a light designer.

Apps you can’t live without?

It’s definitely Instagram. As an art director I’m good at communicating with images and that’s why I love it. Only few words and lots of images, colors, emotions and meaning. By the way I hate that now everyone can post in different formats. The square was simply perfect.

What was your last Google search?

“How to convert inches in centimeters.” Working on global accounts is always great but every time it comes to making files for the States or Canada it gets tricky. And they use fractions. And I’ve never been very good in math.