GOLD | Multichannel Campaign (Large Product Size) of 2017

“This was truly an exceptional multichannel campaign, with engaging content on several social media outlets, as well as con-tent tailored to specific audiences on more traditional channels,” said one judge.

“This campaign makes the taboo fun,” a second judge said. “I’m really impressed by the team’s use of Snapchat and Tumblr to reach its target audience. The campaign is well done. The results show it.”

The HealthySexual campaign aims to help people take control of their sexual health. Due to client confidentiality, the agency, Digitas Health, restricted inclusion of details about the campaign. However, HealthySexual’s wealth of colorful, upbeat, empowering, and highly sharable content is tailor-made for the internet.

HIV prevention options, tips on how to talk to your doctor, and guides about what to expect during a medical check-up and an AIDS test, are all delivered in easily digestible bites on the campaign’s Tumblr and Twitter pages.

Tumblr posts include an animated GIF of two men’s hands overlapping on a subway pole above the copy: “Know your status and get a grip on your sexual health.” Another animated GIF of a man looking at colorful question marks arising from his trousers draws visitors to a message about the importance of getting tested for sexually transmitted infections.

“HealthySexual nailed it — great use of multichannel for a multifaceted audience,” added a third judge.

This article originally appeared on MM&M Online.