GOLD | Use of Social Media of 2017

The HealthySexual brand is all about HIV prevention. One judge described the brand’s Tumblr page as witty and informational, and praised the team for really understanding the target demographic.

A second adjudicator described the Tumblr content as fun, funny, fresh and, most importantly, shareable. This same judge was also impressed by the “spectacular link between message and content.”

A third judge was happy to see the “contemporary issue of HIV prevention addressed in a proactive manner.”

Indeed, the site’s Being HealthySexual tab takes viewers to a page that gets right to the point of explaining how to proactively take care of your sexual health. It includes information about prevention options, evaluating your social network, getting tested, talking to your partner or partners, and more.

The site also includes a straightforward and valuable infographic called What to Expect When Testing that breaks down and details the HIV testing process.

Examples of timely content include a post wishing site visitors a happy National Orgasm Day. Along with the article copy about orgasms, the post provides viewers with more tips for staying HealthySexual.

A fourth judge was impressed by the inclusive nature of the content across platforms as the Tumblr site includes posts for all orientations. A fifth judge praised the overall creative execution of the page.

Due to client confidentiality, the agency restricted details about the campaign.

This article originally appeared on MM&M Online.