All Hail, Louis C.K.

One of the things that has always fascinated me is the way creative minds work, most especially those from different fields of creativity. It has helped me find new ways of thinking and working that have proven invaluable to me and pretty much always have helped me grow as a thinker.

The recent airing of Charlie Rose interviewing Louis C.K. is interesting because it concerns someone who is at the very top of their game – love him or loathe him, Louis C.K. is without a doubt one of the biggest comedians of the moment, with huge success as a performer, writer producer and director. In it he talks about how he works, how he protects himself and remains generous with the sharing of content.

There are great lessons for anyone working in any creative industry, especially the use of observation, understanding people and studying others in your field. The challenges he sets himself and techniques he uses to make both his best and worst shows better and better are something we can all relate too. He describes it very elegantly as like making a Samurai sword, “ you keep folding and hammering until you get all of the impurities out”.

As I said before, love him or loathe him, he is doing doing something right. Enjoy the film.

– Graham Mills, Managing Director, New York


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