Health: Prepare To Meet Your Makers

On Saturday, June 18, our agency brought the Maker Movement to Cannes Lions Health through our session, “Health: Prepare to Meet Your Makers.”

The session featured three individuals who are at the forefront of the Maker Movement, and represent the movement’s various perspectives: Gokul Krishnan Ph.D., creator of “Maker Therapy”; Cory Doctorow, novelist, blogger and technology activist; and James Young, biological scientist and avid video gamer whose unique prosthetic arm is as much an extension of his personality as it is his body.

This fascinating look at the Maker Movement offered valuable insight into how new design thinking is transforming the health experience and improving outcomes. Dr. Gokul Krishnan, a learning scientist, mechanical engineer and innovator who has become a voice for children with chronic illnesses and their families, brought the Maker Movement to reality by creating “Maker Therapy.” He shared the stage with Cory Doctorow, a science fiction author, activist, journalist and blogger. Biological scientist and avid gamer James Young provided the patient perspective as a double amputee whose new prosthetic arm has allowed him to take control of his own treatment and healing.

The session concluded with a discussion led by Graham Mills, Global Chief Creative Officer of Publicis Health, about what needs to happen for the healthcare industry to benefit from “makers.”

lions health session