I Didn’t Win a Lion at Cannes

I didn’t triumphantly walk onto the stage and hold that beautiful trophy. I didn’t get interviewed about the secret creative sauce that led to the brilliant idea. I didn’t get to update my portfolio with “Lions Health Gold Winner”.

I lost. Lots of people lost, so I guess I’m not alone. I’m bummed for Seth more than myself.

Who’s Seth? Maybe you remember the little boy born without an immune system? He had to live in a sterile, air-locked bubble isolated from the outside world while he was being treated for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) with support from the Bubble Foundation UK. They’re a small charity in Newcastle working to save the lives of babies and children born with SCID. Without support and protection, they’ll die before their second birthday from a common cold or flu.

To help Seth get through a big transplant last year we brought #wearyellowforseth to life. And come to life it did:

  • 188 million impressions for £20, the cost of the site
  • 250,000 photos, videos and songs were uploaded from all over the world
  • Ashton Kutcher, the Jonas Brothers, Gigi Hadid, Phillip Schofield and many, many other people wore yellow for him


Even more importantly, Seth had a successful transplant and got out of the bubble. He started school at the end of last year. That was the big win, Lions Health gold or not.

Now, we’re going to keep going. Literally. On the 15th of July, Cathrin, my workmate, and I will walk the Three Peak Challenge. That involves climbing the three highest mountains in the UK within 24 hours.


Why do this to ourselves? For a good cause, of course. We and seven other, much fitter, people are going to climb our hearts out for the Bubble Foundation UK.

And now something cheeky: if you feel like supporting our pain and helping a charity that actually makes a difference, go to Justgiving.