I’m So Needy

I need food. I need a back rub. I need to take a break. I need some water. I need to get into the shade before I go all lobster and have to aloe for a week.

I’m super needy.

As I sit in the Publicis Healthcare session with the Wider Brothers at the Lions Health festival, my mind is violently pulled into thinking about needs. Not my needs though, but enormous and complicated health needs. I need a cure. I need hope. I need help with my father who has Alzheimer’s. I need to hurt less. I need to feel the weight of depression lifted. I need my child to explore the wonders of the world outside these hospital walls.

This thought fired through my synapses courtesy of the Wider Brothers. They’re two gentlemen, a former plastic surgeon and a hedge fund lawyer, who film punch-you-in-the gut documentaries that inspire social change. They capture stories of suffering that make your eyes swell with tears and your mind fill with rage. Abuse, rape, suicide. Tough subjects.

They’ve just shown a montage of their work and it’s sinking in: we have to fill needs. This thought isn’t new or unique. It’s probably in the mantra or mission statement of most healthcare agencies. But it is beautiful to bask in its warm glow. The best part — we get to do this every day. Hot damn, you should be feeling good about this. The thought crescendos in something the Wider Brothers said:

“There is no greater value in one’s life than reaching your hand out to someone in need.”

Ain’t that the truth. I love the euphoria that washes over me when I help someone. I crave the addictive little spark of feel-good in the brain when a need is met. I want more. Thankfully, I don’t think I’ll be short of opportunities. There are just over seven billion people in the world. I’m guessing one or two have a need.

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