International Women’s Day 2017: Susan Manber, Chief Planning Officer

Susan Manber helps large pharma companies engage with women as people – not just as patients – by creating programs that address all facets of treatment, going beyond the drug Rx to provide meaningful information and the resources to help on a personalized level.  Across her career, Sue has been able to guide and enhance the personal value of women’s healthcare products, conditions and solutions – from healthy skin and family planning to menstruation, menopause and oncology – by leveraging behavior science insights to drive truly personalized support.

Sue believes that people are the most underutilized resource in healthcare.  At Digitas Health, she created and led “Health Styles of the 40 Everything Woman,” an ethnographic and a quantitative assessment of 2,000 women nationwide to impact the quality of engaging with healthcare systems. A survivor of Merkel cell carcinoma, a rare and highly aggressive type of skin cancer that most often develops in older people, Sue has been a patient advocate to improve researchers’ understanding of one woman’s journey to enable other patients to deal with their experiences. She also serves on the advisory board of Smart Patients, an online community for patients and families to learn about scientific developments related to their particular condition, share questions and concerns with other members, and use their knowledge to improve the care they receive.

“Because women –as patients themselves and as caregivers – play such a pivotal role as decision makers, understanding them is of particular value,” Sue says. “Having a background in cognitive and behavior science helps me get past the obvious to design and simplify programs that truly help people make better, more confident decisions.  My personal mission is to create the most human-centric patient services platform that exists.”