What We Learned About AI at Cannes 2017

AI: A World of Opportunities in Health Care… and Beyond

There was only one AI project in the Pharma category, which I was slightly surprised by. It was a really lovely one, actually. Basically it was a Facebook chatbot – Chat Yourself, which won Bronze. It’s for early onset Alzheimer’s and you load it up with your stream so it learns where you live and everything about it. So if you’re lost, it can give you directions home and help you out with information. It’s an incredibly beautiful idea; some people struggled a little bit because there wasn’t much to look at, but I loved it.

AI in healthcare is really exciting. We had a interviewed some medical students about it and they’re really excited. You’ve got not enough doctors to go round and way too many patients and in the exam room you get a seven-minute conversation if you’re lucky. AI can do a lot of the heavy lifting, so now you have more time to be a doctor. Suddenly those 7 minutes is 20 minutes, and you can do real doctoring, not just renewing prescriptions. 

The consequence of that is voice as well. How do brands exist in the world of voice? If you’re saying, ‘hey Alexa, get me my medicine, renew my script’, if you don’t specify a brand, Alexa will use an algorithm to decide which is the best one for you. Which one has the highest rating, which has the lowest cost, which is available on prime delivery? And so does a brand exist in the voice world?  

Everyone is super excited about it. They don’t really think of it as AI, but every time you ask Siri to find you something, that’s AI. I don’t have an Alexa at home though – I find it a little disturbing! 

This article originally appeared on Little Black Book Online