m.2016: Heroes Assemble!

The Power of Mobile is everywhere. It has changed everything about how users interact with each other and the brands they use. But the forces of Complacency, Status Quo, Regulation and Risk still threaten to prevent marketers from leveraging this power for their brands.

It is time for today’s Mobile Heroes to Assemble and unite against these forces!

On June 8th we had the privilege of hearing from today’s great Mobile Heroes, at our agency’s annual mDOT conference. Our speakers were modern marketers and innovators who have changed the way their organizations and brands use mobile – for GOOD. Attendees shared theirr mobile adventures with these innovators, and learned how to be a more powerful Mobile Heroes within their organizations.

The Mobile Heroes:

  • Aaron Horowitz, CEO of Sproutel
  • Sam Dolnick, Senior Editor, Speaker on Virtual Reality, New York Times
  • Fadesola Adetsoye, Global Healthcare Solutions Leader, Dell
  • Deborah Estrin, Cornell Tech and Co-Founder of Open mHealth
  • Warren Kay, VP of Advertising, Under Armour
  • Steve Barsh, Chief Innovation Officer, DreamIt
  • Alyssa Waxenberg, VP of Mobile, Starwood Hotels
  • Raphaela O’Day, Behavioral Scientist, Johnson & Johnson


See the day’s conversation on Twitter, and join in using #mdothealth! 

Topics of discussion:

MORNING: Experience Heroes: Changing the world around us by championing the mobile experience. Meet the Mobile Heroes that are reshaping the way we view the world around us, by pushing the boundaries of Design, Experience, and Behavior.

AFTERNOON: Enhanced Heroes: Champions that are using data & technology to make Mobile Heroes even more powerful. What is the next evolution of mobile in health? First you could log data, then it was connected devices (1.0), then connected experiences, now its algorithms + decisions, and complete health automation. So, what’s next?