Mark Twain Was Totally Right

Millions did it. They took the time to find a bucket, procure some ice and capture the moment. They shared it with friends, strangers, the world. Some weren’t so elegant in their execution, but the ALS ice bucket challenge was honestly amazing. It spread like wildfire. Our feeds were jammed up with these moments of care. It was impossible to avoid.

Now step back from the noise of it all. Why on earth did so many people dump the bucket? Why do 18-year-olds sign up to serve their country? Why lace up and run a marathon? Why care for someone you’ve never met?


Mark Twain so eloquently said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Purpose compels us, drives us, connects us, helps us make sense of the chaos of this life. People with purpose do great things. Get more people to share that purpose and you can change the world. Or at least get a decent company softball team together. Nothing feels quite like living your purpose.

Purpose can also drive you to take the day off, which is what the entire Digitas Health London office did last week. We rented a space away from the office for all of us to go to for the day. We had 3 guest speakers, a big presentation from our leadership, an all-agency brainstorm to bring the purpose to life even more, and scones to make sure we had the fuel we needed.

We stepped away from the timesheet reminders, meeting invites, and busyness of this business to immerse ourselves in our purpose. We had to. You can’t keep on chopping wood without sharpening the axe.

Now we’ve got warm fuzzies fuelling us. We’re gonna take these feelings and run with them. We’ve got a purpose to live.

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