Riding the waves to work

While the SF office is located in the FiDi, the place I call home is Marin, which is immediately north of the 7×7 mile limits of SF County.

My day jump-starts with the same coffee order I’ve had for the past 8 years: tall, quad shot soy vanilla latte.

From there, it’s a 30-minute ferry ride into SF where by habit I sit on the rear deck with warm coffee in hand, headphones blaring, and cold wind shocking my system into waking up. With the right song, it feels like the opening scenes in the movie of your life, but obviously without the benefit of celebrity.


Once landed, it’s another cup of coffee from Blue Bottle in the Ferry Building. Not only is the coffee there strong, but I’m also a sucker for coffee foam drawings that feel like highbrow street art.

As the caffeine jitters begin to settle in, I beeline to the office about 4 blocks away and begin my face-off with the upcoming day.

Finally, the day ends with tennis and/or my new favorite combo (wine, food, bocce ball, friends) at The Hidden Vine. Both are also within 4 blocks of the office.

– Eric Hemedes, Account Supervisor, San Fran