Welcome to tea and crumpets

After seven short years in the New York office, I packed my bags and joined the growing team in London. So I traded the subway for the tube. Here is what it looks like every day.

Here we go. After I pick my Converse du jour, I’m out the door and onto the Tube in minutes. Like packed sardines, we hurtle along. Odd how there are so many people on the train and almost no one talks. Just a bunch of black mirrors and free tabloids with the latest scandal. No eye contact. Never eye contact. If that happens, we’ll turn to stone.

Before I know it, I’m walking into Kensington Village and work world. The day is a sprint of meetings, thinking, emails and tea. Lots of tea. It’s a religion here. No tea, no happy. Thankfully, the office kitchen has an endless supply of the stuff, along with milk and sugar.

On days when everyone isn’t manic, a bunch of us grab lunch from the canteen and chat about movies, music, weekend plans, bad dates, new tech and whatever else comes up. Speaking of “us,” we’re Indian, French, Italian, Spanish, American, British, Polish, Australian and more. If you need something translated, it’s a handy bunch.

When work wraps up, I’m off to dinner, drinks, Netflix, a show or some other bit of fun this massive city offers in every nook and cranny.

– Michael Homeyer, Creative Dude, London


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