No ordinary internship: Life after the Publicis Lab

Ted is one of our latest recruits. He joined us after completing his placements on the Publicis Lab. But what is the Lab? Ted takes us through his experience below.

The Lab is a 6 month paid placement at 2 different agencies within the Publicis Health network in either a creative, client services or business support role. It’s not interested in where you’ve come from, it doesn’t care about your educational background or prior industry experience, it cares about your potential and where you’re going.

The Lab is your in.

After my first month on the Lab I was asked to write a brief summary of my experience. It started like this:

It’s been a month of firsts. 

My first ever brief. A commission from a client to create a short video. Two weeks, and a lot of scrunched up paper later, and I was working on my very first script. Three weeks more and we’re filming the thing! My first film. Welcome to the Lab!

Now, after completing my placements I can honestly say that the ‘firsts’ don’t let up. They are relentless and are one of the things that make the Lab so brilliant. So now I propose a slight amendment to my above summary; it’s been 6 months of firsts. A less catchy turn of phrase, but no less true.

The time has flown by and I have been lucky enough to spend it at 2 different agencies and in 2 different roles. I quite literally crossed the floor from working as a Junior Copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, to being an Account Executive at Digitas Health. This has given me a pretty unique perspective on life in the very different worlds of creative and client services. But in both instances there was one major similarity; you’re always getting stuck in. In fact, not getting involved is never an option. From day one you’re doing ‘real work’, from brainstorming, writing video scripts and sales presentations, to holding client meetings and managing your own work stream. There’s very little time left for making people cups of tea!

Luckily this wasn’t too daunting as my adoptive teams always made me feel welcome. I felt secure to ask the dumb questions and contribute to the work, reassured that they, and the wider agency would support me. This doesn’t just create a great environment for learning, it also encourages you to push yourself and take on work that you can apply your learnings to. You may not get it right first time but the agency has your back!

So the Lab is full on, it’s fulfilling, and it’s stimulating, supportive and dynamic. But the thing that has struck me most is that the Lab really is structured around you. Your interests and personal development dictate a lot of the work you end up doing. This approach is brilliant as it allows you to figure out where your strengths are.

Personally, I found that I loved the creative work involved in copywriting but also the client interaction that is required of an account executive. The result? I was offered (and accepted) a permanent role that incorporates elements of both. I couldn’t be happier.

May the firsts never end…..

Interested in the Lab? Take a look at it here