NYC Media Lab and Publicis Health Bootcamp Demo Day

Back in April, Publicis Health partnered with NYC Media Lab to bring us a “Digital Health Augmented Reality Startup Bootcamp”.  Five teams gathered for solutions in Augmented Reality with an intensive six week bootcamp program. Fast forward six weeks, here we are with a recap of the teams.


Courtney Snavely and Jane Mitchell, from Parsons School of Design, introduced their concept Ovee, an app designed for women aged 12-30 who have anxiety around an OB/GYN visit that enables them to ask uncomfortable questions and encourage them to take charge of their sexual and reproductive health.

“Our biggest takeaway was don’t be afraid to fail. Starting a company is going to be a struggle but we learned to look at it as an iterative, non-linear process. Every interview, network event, and pitch is an opportunity to learn and improve our work.”


Tuba Ozkan, Taeyon Kim and Misung Kim, from Parsons School of Design, introduced their concept WonderLandAR, an AR application easing children’s anxiety and improving their patient experience at the doctor’s office or hospital.  With the scan of a bracelet, the tool transforms the medical facility into an interactive and playful environment, using characters that come to life on the walls and hallways; data collected on each child through AI allows hospitals to create personalized experiences for each child’s personality and condition.

“We gained the ability to see our idea from a business perspective. It was a great experience to work together as three people having different backgrounds and insights, and to get a mentorship from NYC Media Lab and Publicis Health. The feedback from discussions helped us improve our business model”


Clara Fairbanks and Viktoriya Sosa, from Borough of Manhattan Community College, introduced their concept SmartMatter, for the millions of people who do not fully comply with their Physical Therapy routines.  SmartMatter combines AR and software to create a virtual model of a patient, leveraging fit data and health sensors, and provide physical therapists with tools to advise on aftercare and pain management.

“The bootcamp program has been a fabulous opportunity for us to focus on one task and concentrate on achieving our goals.”


Tue Lu, Zhongheng Li and Youxing Gao, of NYU Tandon, introduced their concept for MealPic, an interactive app for new and expecting moms, that uses AR and machine learning to explore product nutrition, peer feedback and recipes that fulfill their specific pregnancy dietary needs.

“The six week bootcamp has pushed us to work harder and more regimented than we would have otherwise on our own.  It has allowed us to explore aspects of our project that we’ve overlooked in the past and early success that we took for granted. We’re confident we’re now in a better place with our target customer and product focus”

Join NYC Media Lab on September 28th, for their annual summit on September 28, 2017 at The New School.  They also have an open opportunity for corporate members and others to host a workshop.