Craig Douglass

Chief Growth Officer

With more than 20 years in pharmaceutical marketing, few individuals in the industry have dedicated as much time to telling great stories, engaging customers and building brands that make a difference in peoples’ lives.  Craig joined Digitas Health in 2006 where he served as Executive Creative Director until his recent promotion.

From early-on, Craig built his career at the intersection of creativity and technology and has devoted himself to writing and re-writing the healthcare marketing playbook. A top creative executive in the Publicis Health network, Craig has been helping clients like AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk, Amgen, Abbvie and Gilead find new ways to forge more relevant and meaningful relationships with both physicians and healthcare consumers.  The agency’s award-winning campaigns most importantly have changed the ways brands interact and communicate with patients to significantly impact outcome and support for patients and their relationships with healthcare professionals/.

Honing his skills at entrepreneurial shops, Craig was at the forefront of many interactive and digital firsts and near-firsts in healthcare marketing, from digital product launches to sophisticated content and customer service platforms.  At Frontier Media Group, he led an innovative multi-location team that initiated the earliest use of browsers, interactive sales tools and product websites for an eclectic group of clients that included sports teams, consumer goods, children’s educational entertainment, financial advisors and, closest to his heart, healthcare products.  Looking to stakeout a health-focused practice, Craig was part of a management buy-out of the Pharma work to create Cadient Group, an early digital healthcare shop.

Craig holds a B.S. in Communications from Ithaca College, where he specialized in film, video and the burgeoning interactive segment.  Known as a steady and strategic leader with a calm exterior, when not helping brands align with the new marketing realities, Craig can be found carousing with family and friends, boating on a Chester River, playing guitar with his church band or conducting various forms of research at The Institute for Suburban Living.