Lee Fraser

EVP, Science and Medicine

Dr. Fraser has extensive experience in several therapeutic areas from an agency, client, and academic perspective.

Following a decade of virology, oncology, and molecular research in academia, Dr. Fraser has worked commercially on numerous brands in the last 10 years. At GlaxoSmithKline, he worked in clinical development leading prelaunch and NDA support for an oncology/supportive care drug. As a consultant on the agency side he has worked on development and commercialization strategy and regulatory labeling for many global brands including: YERVOY, OPDIVO (nivolumab), T-VEC, ERBITUX, IXEMPRA, SPRYCEL, GLEEVEC, and NULOGIX as well as several early assets in both immunology, virology, and oncology.  He has also led the medical strategy for multiple therapeutic devices and biomarker assays.

Dr. Fraser received a PhD in Pathology and Molecular Medicine from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. Currently, he lectures at West Chester University in the Pharmaceutical Product development program.