Publicis Health Champions “Protect and Detect” for Healthy Skin

We asked our Destination: Skin Partners to share why they are supporting our traveling skin cancer education program. Here’s what our friends at Publicis Health told us:

While many of us know to be mindful of our skin, Publicis Health and its agencies Digitas Health and Razorfish Health have extensive experience helping oncology brands connect with patients and healthcare professionals to improve people’s health and well-being. The network established a partnership with The Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF) because their agencies’ employees understand how widespread the impact of skin cancer is, and that it touches all ages, races and genders and its incidence is rising, claiming the spot of the most common cancer.

To help elevate the importance of preventing skin cancer, Publicis Health along with its agencies Digitas Health and Razorfish Health partnered to raise money, educate, and remind Americans about the importance of healthy skin year-round, starting this summer with the Destination: Healthy Skin RV tour that brought skin cancer education and free skin cancer screenings to cities around the U.S. For Publicis Health and its agencies, it was vitally important to support an activation that helped people have a better understanding of their own personal health and wellness.

A living, breathing spirit of understanding one’s health is Digitas Health’s Sue Manber, a survivor of the rarest skin cancer, Merkel cell carcinoma, who has become the face of the Publicis Health campaign to call attention to the SCF partnership. When the Destination: Healthy Skin RV stopped in Philadelphia outside Digitas Health, Sue got to speak to reporters, sharing her personal journey from being diagnosed with the disease. Sue’s story conveyed an important lesson about paying attention to sun exposure and skin health, as her accidental diagnosis led to treatment involving seven surgeries. The experience has changed her outlook on her health marketing work, as today she takes her personal experience to advocate for better patient-doctor dialogue and human-centric patient experiences into her work life every day. Moreover, a thankful Philadelphia resident who saw Sue’s story has been connected with Sue to talk through her own battle with Merkel cell.

With a sun in its logo, it’s natural that Publicis Health and its agencies would take the lead educating people on steps they can take to enjoy their fun in the sun, while preventing and spotting potential skin cancers at an early stage—when the disease can be preventable.

This article originally appeared on Destination Healthy Skin