Publicis’s von Plato Writes New Rx For Health-Care Marketing

While virtually every vertical is well on its way to adopting and integrating digital technologies to transform traditional business models, the majority of health-care industry players are still struggling to embrace innovation and contemporary marketing practices.

However, healthier consumer-centric marketing and digital-tech-enabled change is rapidly approaching for some early adopters. One of those organizations is Publicis Health Care Communications Group, which is the largest health-care communications group in the world and a division of Publicis Groupe. spoke with Alexandra von Plato, group president of North America and a true agent of change. Read on for our discussion about the “consumer movement” in health care, the huge potential for mobile apps, and marketing as the “connective tissue between tech and health care.” Overall, what are the top issues and opportunities the health-care industry is facing? How can digital tech enable or enhance these issues and opportunities?

Von Plato: One of the most important changes facing the health-care system is the rise of the consumer. Traditionally, health care has been a very paternalistic, nontransparent system that bred complexity and mystery. With the advent of digital media and the rise of the consumer–patient–now being more informed as a result of available information on the Internet, and with the alignment of incentives for people to get healthier as they pay for more of their health-care costs than ever before, we are now seeing patients adopt consumer-like behavior when it comes to demanding their right to be informed, to have transparency, to comparison-shop services and products, and sharing of recommendations.


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