San Fran Team “Dances With Wolves” for Community Service Day

…Well they didn’t exactly “dance” with wolves, but they did volunteer their time at the San Francisco Zoo to build a home and exhibit for the wolves, from scratch.

“The team here went through a pretty vigorous process via surveys, emails, vetting, research to determine what we wanted to do for our Community Service Day and the final decision was that we wanted to do something related to animals,” says Abha Trivedi, an Account Supervisor, who spearheaded the planning for the day.

Once it was determined that the team was interested in doing something animal-related, Abha began doing some research into volunteer opportunities in San Francisco. She eventually connected with the San Francisco Zoo, who informed her that they needed volunteers to help build their new wolves exhibit. Abha and the entire San Francisco team jumped at the opportunity to help!

The team spent the day putting together, from scratch, a wolves exhibit for the zoo. Their hard work was rewarded with an exclusive train ride around the zoo and free time to roam around.

See the pics!

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