San Francisco Aids Walk 2016

Working on an HIV/AIDS account and living in San Francisco really brings the idea of coming together as a community to stop the virus to the forefront. This was the thought we had in mind when making the decision to participate in SF AIDS Walk this year. This was my first in SF but, the third AIDS Walk I’ve participated in and it was a blast! Our team was also feature in an inspiring article and video posted online by The San Francisco Chronicle. The video was narrated by Vineet Thapar, SVP/Group Creative Director.

The team worked together to come up with our name, “DHSF Walk It Out,” and to design our shirts that gave a nod to our agency as well as the #iwalkbecause hashtag, as each of us had our own reason to walk (we are developing a video about this, that we will share soon).

Once we had an idea in mind, we began our fundraising efforts to help benefit Project Inform, Ward 86 at San Francisco General Hospital, Project Open Hand, and HIV/AIDS programs and services throughout the Bay Area. We set a low goal of raising $2,000, but that was quickly achieved after a super star at our agency donated $1,000, so we raised our goal to $4,000.

We sent out personal messages to our contacts and while I was in the Philadelphia office last week, I purchased donuts from Federal Donuts and set up a donations mug. In combination with my Philadelphia efforts, Tanya, in the SF office did a beer cart. Out combined efforts garnered over $300 and put us over our goal. We ultimately raised about $4,500 for this incredible cause.

The day of the event was foggy, misty, and cold, but the team came with high energies and spirits to have a truly bonding experience for a great cause.

A huge thanks to all of our sponsors! We couldn’t have done it without you 🙂