The Care Challenge

How do you attract UNESCO, The UN Womens’ Leader Forum, and TED while changing lives globally? You issue a challenge.

Sanofi’s stealth innovations team asked for help to shape early thinking around a nurse community, and for ways to launch it with very little budget.

Crystallizing an insight that nurses ideating in their community are a vast and untapped ocean of health intelligence for everyone, we suggested spotlighting these ideas as a way of reaching out to 14 million nurses worldwide.

To do that we helped develop the Care Challenge, an annual global competition for the best replicable health ideas from nurses. Launched through word-of-mouth and a small toolkit, and with help of international nurse organisations. Care Challenge became an instant hit. Over 900 nurse members from 130 countries entered ideas.

We went and filmed 10 winners around the world, and their stories made governments and organisations take notice. Some, like Morocco and Cameroon, adopted their local innovations as their national standards of care. Communities in China, France, Canada, Morocco, the Philippines, Cameroon, and many other countries are now using ideas from the Care Challenge to transform healthcare delivery for thousands of their citizens.

The Care Challenge also attracted others. Like UNESCO, which became a partner. And TED, which Invited Sanofi to present at TEDx Brussels. Then the initiative got presented and discussed at the UN Womens’ Leader Forum 2014.

An idea shared can change the world.

– Vineet Thapar, Group CD, London


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