The Innovation Greenhouse

“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” -Mary Shelley

Brands talk a good game, but how many are really creating an environment that is conducive to innovation? How many companies even know where to start to encourage innovation?

At Digitas Health we like to use a greenhouse metaphor. New ideas are like seedlings that need to be planted inside a greenhouse in order to grow. If a company wants to encourage innovation, it needs to protect new ideas by building a greenhouse, and tending to the ideas. The greenhouse is see-through and accessible so the new ideas can be examined, moved around, cared for. The seedlings can be taken out of the greenhouse temporarily but must be put back in until they’re strong enough to survive in the outside world.

“People are designed to recognize patterns and repetition,” says Brendan Gallagher, EVP, Connected Health Innovation. “It’s in our DNA and it’s what has helped the human race to survive and thrive. But it’s that same need to recognize patterns that can get in the way of innovation if we aren’t careful.”

It’s human nature to be fearful of the new. That’s why the greenhouse is so important. If brands make it a priority to protect and grow new ideas, true innovation will naturally follow.

Innovation isn’t just something to be talked about endlessly – it’s something that requires action. So what are you doing to encourage transformation in your company or industry?