The Intersection of Travel and Healthcare

After working more than a decade in the hospitality industry as the director of social media for VISIT PHILADELPHIA, the move to healthcare seemed like a large leap for me. As it turns out, there is plenty of overlap between travel and healthcare that can benefit our clients, their patients, and even Digitas Health employees.

  1. Vacations are heart healthy.
    Men and women who take at least a yearly vacation have shown fewer instances of coronary heart disease and heart attacks than those that take vacations less frequently
  2. Taking vacation fights depression.
    Women who take vacation more often report fewer instances of depression—which in itself helps fight disease.
  3. Spending time in nature boosts immunity.
    Being among plants not only reduces stress and blood pressure, but also exposes us to airborne chemicals often used in holistic medicines.


If these health reasons aren’t enough to convince you to take your PTO, here are a few more as outlined by US Travel: vacation helps you make memories, bond with your family, and (HR take note!) even makes you more productive at work.