The Work Grind Doesn’t Feel Like Such A Grind

I’m new to this whole “working in a legitimate city office” thing, and to be frank, it’s not exactly what I expected. Coming from a 2-square mile town in South Jersey, it’s a pretty big deal to be interning in the city of brotherly love, but nobody warns you about the reality that comes with working in the city. This is definitely not college, and there are no introductory courses to prepare you for what you’ll encounter (I wish I could have taken “People Passing Out on the PATCO 101” or “Principles of Becoming a Coffee Person”). Reality sets in quickly when you have to wake up 2 hours early to account for your commute and morning routine.

But this is the reality that I have come to love more than I would have ever imagined. I expected a carbon-copy white bread commute every morning and afternoon, with monotonous office work in between acting as some faux-meat in what I expected to be a blasé knock-off Philly cheesesteak work-grind.

Boy oh boy, was I ecstatic to be proven wrong.

The commute into Philly may be the same route each time, but dreaming up my own stories about my fellow PATCO passengers has yet to lose its luster. Even walking from the station to my building is an enjoyable morning stroll past other city-workers bustling into coffee shops to get their fix.

As for working at Digitas Health – there is a light that has been lit that boring school-work had previously extinguished. Working here so far has been more than just a job. The enthusiasm that every employee exhibits is unmatched and creates a uniquely positive environment that I’ve never experienced before.  It has become a daily adventure and I know that each day I will walk away with some new skill or sense of accomplishment.

Maybe I’m still in a honeymoon phase. Maybe I’ll wake up one day and dread going into work. Maybe in the midst of filling out I-9’s I’ll have a That’s So Raven moment and see myself happily in school for as many years as possible to avoid “the real world” like I’ve seen some students do.

Or maybe I’ve finally found something to be passionate about. Maybe all my hard work is paying off and this experience as an intern is exactly how it seems:


Philly Interns 1


Philly Interns 2

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