ThinkDigital14: Customers Are In Control

Patients are in the driver’s seat when it comes to their health. They are empowered and vocal.

Information is power. There has been a revolution in healthcare because information has become universally accessible and liberated, putting “Customers In Control.”

Technology continues to drive an unprecedented era of human progress. The reality of this evolution, which has seen digital healthcare communication change beyond recognition, will be showcased at ThinkDigital14.

At Digitas Health LifeBrands our focus is on understanding the needs of the customer—physician, patient, or payor. It has never been sharper.

Whether it is our clients or our client’s customers, we pride ourselves on helping, not just selling. With this in mind, ThinkDigital14 brings together some of the best minds on customer-centric thinking for a stimulating exchange of knowledge that I believe will help shape future healthcare communication. This is a pivotal time for healthcare brands to listen and act on the needs of patients.

– June Dawson, Managing Director, Digitas Health LifeBrands London