Wanted: Creatives Who Care

We are all calorie-counting, device-wearing, label-reading, sugar-avoiding, Fitness Pal addicts.

Our current obsession with the quantified self shows just how much we are embracing health in our day-to-day lives. I get a bubble of excitement when my Fitbit buzzes at 10,000 steps and have been known to march up and down my apartment to make up the last few!

So if everybody is getting into health, then it makes sense that brands are getting into it too. What was once a trickle has now turned into a land grab for brands to try to fit in and claim a place in the new territories of health and wellness. And, of course, where brands go, so do their advertising agencies. More and more non-health agencies are enthusiastically pursuing health and wellness clients. And who can blame them? Healthcare alone is generating over $1 trillion in revenue, and that’s not counting a potentially even bigger health and wellness industry.

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– Jacqueline Nolan, EVP, Executive Creative Director –


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