Center city motoring

Ever since I was a little girl, I always associated Center City with “where you go to work.” I’d tag along with my Mom or Grandmom, visiting their places of work at Philadelphia Family Court and City Hall respectively. I found delight and amusement in the bustling crowds of people and in the tall, beautiful buildings.


Fast forward (a lot) to today, where you can find me on I-95 bobbing my head to music, drumming on my steering wheel and guzzling coffee as I happily head to work. I dig driving in Philadelphia. Some call it crazy, I call it adventure. Once I’ve traversed the highway and local streets, I park at The Lift (basically a Skill Crane for cars), reload on java at Passero’s in the Wanamaker building and head to the 11th floor where I’m always greeted by smiling faces. Come grub time, we’re lucky to have the daily variety of Fooda, but if you fancy venturing out for noms, my top picks are Little Nonna’s, Zavino or Insomnia Cookies (yup, cookies count as lunch). After a productive day of awesomeness, you can sometimes find me enjoying a Happy Hour bevvie or 3 at Bar or Time.


So why do I do this every day? Because I love DH. Because every day is a new opportunity to be inspired, change lives and collaborate with amazing people. I belong here!

– Jacqueline Phy, App Design Studio Producer, Mobile Strategy and Innovation